Paris in July

Oh, Paris. After the pandemic, I'm so grateful to be able to travel again - anywhere, let alone to the city that recharges me. As a street photographer, the pandemic was strange in a different way. What makes me happy as an artist is witnessing moments of emotion between people, which are expressed through body language - which disappeared when we had to stay 2 meters apart from each other. It's such a joy to see people touch again.

This trip, I got stuck in a wicked rainstorm, spent time with friends, took a side trip to Bordeaux for the Tour de France stage finish, and just enjoyed spending time in my favourite neighbourhood. It felt like plugging myself into a socket to recharge! I found myself noticing the joy of children, as always, and also being more careful to find ways of catching their emotions while protecting their privacy more than ever. It's interesting noticing my evolution as a photographer through all of this, including what I see and how I choose to capture it.