Affection everywhere

It seems like the world is full of negativity at the moment, with much of the world's news so bonkers that it could be mistaken for parody. It's easy to get mired in this mindset, but if you are, I would encourage you to really look around you at people around you. Specifically, watch their hands... you'll catch so many little glimpses of affection, tiny little fleeting moments of gorgeous emotion, you'll be amazed. There is so much love out there, all around us.

I've been photographing hands for years without really noticing it. Last month, as I wandered happily through Paris, I became aware that I was noticing hands everywhere. It was a relief, actually, because normally I see all kinds of stuff all over the place (like a dog chasing squirrels), and suddenly I had a specific squirrel to focus on. Technically, catching reasonable shots while people are moving and I am moving and other people get in the way is a challenge, and I have lots of fuzzy images that would have been amazing. Alas.

So, I've given myself a photography project. First one since high school! My goal is to build up 20 or so images that I think are high enough quality, and then to figure out how to exhibit somewhere. I'm still going back and forth between colour or black and white, but for now I'm leaning towards colour. Here's a little glimpse...