Finding my own voice in cycling photography

I'm not entirely certain that the world actually needs more cycling photographers... there are some really amazing ones out there doing extraordinary work (past and present). I'm thinking of Phil O'Connor, Graham Watson, Jered Gruber, Tammy Brimner, Bojan Uzicanin, Scott Mitchell, Chris Auld... they inspire and amaze me.

Having said that, I've worked in cycling for 20 years now, so I know how to be in that environment without being in the way (a chronic fear for an introvert), and I have a deep connection to the sport. Maybe I see different things than the people who I admire? It's worth a try...

The technique for shooting fast-moving people in a low-light environment (velodromes aren't usually lit unless there's a competition on) without getting run over is... exciting. I'd like to say I'm limited by my lenses, but actually I suspect I'm limited by my ability to sort out my autofocus settings. Turns out that the "face recognition" function doesn't recognize cyclists with helmets and glasses on!

I played and played yesterday, and managed a couple of respectable-ish action shots, but again my eye was drawn more to the moments in between... the stories of people. I think I recognize a theme here ;)